You need a CSR for ordering an SSL certificate? Here you can create quickly and gratis and without any knowledge a CSR (Certificate Signing Request). The CSR is generated with OpenSSL. Please fill out the fields below.

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Key-size The key-size indicates the strength of the key. Larger keys results more security, but also a lot more processing power to encrypt and decrypt! Most of certificate publishers already requires 2048 bit.
Key-type In addition to RSA, there are also available as a DH and DSA key types. Since DH and DSA are not supported by all SSL channels, RSA should always be selected.
Key-password You can generate your key with a password, but usually on a Web server is to largely omitted. Each time of starting the web server you must enter the the password.
Domain-Name Is issued, the domain name on the certificate. Important is the exact spelling! A domain name with "www. " is different from the same domain name without "www. " at the beginning. For wildcard certificates, use the asterisk "* " (*. domain.com)
Organisation-type Please choose whether they want to issue the certificate for a private individual or a company / organization
Country Here the country is meant, where the domain owner has his business or residence (not the land of the TLD).
State Please insert the state or province of the owner.
City The residence of the business or residence of the domain holder.
Email Adress Please insert the Email Address of the owner.